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Pearson Consulting

This is the value I offer

Before setting up my own business, I worked for over 15 years at senior executive level with stock listed and market-leading companies. During this time I occupied most key corporate functions. The time and the variety of challenges I had to master have given me a very high level of understanding and business vision. This experience is the substance of the value I bring for my clients.

Challenges × Time = Experience

Since 2015, all of my consulting has been concentrated in the area of software based products and services and solutions for software development.


“Vincent is an outstanding person and consultant. He thrives in business and intellect challenges, like the marketing of my rather unusual and very special high-end electric bike. After a couple of meetings and exchange of information material he came back with a marketing concept that completely nailed the concept and fully resonates with core customers and fans of the bike. I will continue to work with Vincent to benefit from his insights, his expertise and his experience.”

Stefan Gulas
Founder and Owner of Gulas Bike
Berlin, Germany

“Working with Vincent is a treat! His attention to detail means you will never receive sub-par work from him. At the same time, he is responsive to all feedback and quickly adapts to new input. I enjoyed working with him because he was able to abstract the complexity of our business and distill it into a much simpler but much stronger messaging.”

Dr. Sebastian Dümcke
CEO and Co-founder Clemedi AG
Schlieren, Switzerland

“I have referred to Mr. Pearson on many occasions for support in creating effective strategies to take businesses to the next level. He is insightful and very quick to understand the critical drivers in complex situations. He brings positive drive to difficult situations, is hard working and never gives up. I would recommend him for any marketing, strategic or business development challenges and hope we will work together in the future.”

Rafael Salzberger
CSO Sonovum AG
Leipzig, Germany

“Vincent Pearson has professionally accompanied the transformation process of our company from the beginning. His main objective was to focus on the strategic and market-oriented aspects of the transformation. Here, his many years of experience in marketing, sales and business development were extremely helpful to us.”

Thomas Winter
CEO Attribui GmbH
Graz, Austria

“Vince is a very easygoing person who communicates naturally with everyone he meets. Professionally he is well-structured, hard working and very much to the point.
I had the great pleasure of working closely with Vince during my time as CEO at Conscensia A/S. I originally engaged Vince to lead Conscensia’s effort of establishing a foothold on the DACH & UK market, a task that he fulfilled to my utmost satisfaction.
It is always a pleasure working with him, as he ensures that everyone involved comes well prepared and knowing their role. Personally he is great fun to be with displaying an excellent sense of humor combined with a huge knowledge of the world we live in.
I give Vince my warmest recommendation for any Sales or Business Development projects.”

Carsten Hansen
CEO Conscensia A/S
Aalborg, Denmark

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What’s Important

Successfully bringing something to market is about understanding its strengths in the context of its market, and vice versa: Creating a language that speaks directly and immediately to its target

This allows you to profile your products/services effectively: If you really understand what motivates your user, sales will follow

To create a successful marketing campaign, you need a vision and a strategy:



Your brand is your corporate personality: it’s critical. It tells the world what you’re about

In order to make this clear, there are a couple of things you need to do:

Marketing trumps tech. The best solution in the world won’t sell itself:

  • Your buying public needs to know about it and
  • Needs to understand that your product is what it is looking for

In order to market a new idea well you need clear answers to some questions:

  • Do I know exactly what my value proposition is?
  • Is this immediately visible to the buying public?
  • Would a complete stranger want to hand over his hard-earned cash to me?
  • If not: what has to change?

Sooner or later, improving sales in a mature market becomes a question of diminishing returns

  • If properly executed, introducing established and proven products/services to a new geography can bring quick returns.
  • I’ll/We’ll create (and execute) a market entry strategy for any of the German speaking countries, Great Britain and Eastern Europe including the former Soviet Union.